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Get Business Insight Benefits from Your Business Mobile App

We all have solved jigsaw puzzles since our childhood. We know that a jigsaw puzzle appears beautiful when it’s all pieces are in place. This blog discusses about one such important piece called "business intelligence" that helps add completeness to mobile apps' benefits picture.

Business Benefits of Building A Mobile App

You are reaping several benefits from your mobile app if you have already built one for your business. The table below captures how a mobile app delivers various benefits to your business,

Business Benefits of Mobile Apps

Add One More Benefit – “Get Business Insights” To Your Mobile App Benefits Picture

Add to Benefits of Your Mobile App

Figure 1: Add to Benefits of Your Mobile App

Have you thought of one more important piece to further complete the picture of a mobile app benefits? Well, complete the picture by getting insights into where your business has been heading.

Implement business intelligence in your business. Get insights into the large data you are populating in your back end database through your mobile app. or other information systems in your organization.

An Illustrative Story of “Business Insights”

Let us look at an imaginary but realistically feasible story that any small or medium business should implement.

Mobile App for Sales Staff: Tom is an enterprising small business owner that manufactures home automation systems. He has implemented a business mobile app for his sales staff.

The app has improved the efficiency of sales staff manifold. The sales executive can capture a lead detail, track the lead till completion. The sales staff also has access to important information through the app such as inventory of various home automation systems models available in the warehouse.