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Get Business Insight Benefits from Your Business Mobile App

We all have solved jigsaw puzzles since our childhood. We know that a jigsaw puzzle appears beautiful when it’s all pieces are in place. This blog discusses about one such important piece called "business intelligence" that helps add completeness to mobile apps' benefits picture.

Business Benefits of Building A Mobile App

You are reaping several benefits from your mobile app if you have already built one for your business. The table below captures how a mobile app delivers various benefits to your business,

Business Benefits of Mobile Apps

Add One More Benefit – “Get Business Insights” To Your Mobile App Benefits Picture

Add to Benefits of Your Mobile App

Figure 1: Add to Benefits of Your Mobile App

Have you thought of one more important piece to further complete the picture of a mobile app benefits? Well, complete the picture by getting insights into where your business has been heading.

Implement business intelligence in your business. Get insights into the large data you are populating in your back end database through your mobile app. or other information systems in your organization.

An Illustrative Story of “Business Insights”

Let us look at an imaginary but realistically feasible story that any small or medium business should implement.

Mobile App for Sales Staff: Tom is an enterprising small business owner that manufactures home automation systems. He has implemented a business mobile app for his sales staff.

The app has improved the efficiency of sales staff manifold. The sales executive can capture a lead detail, track the lead till completion. The sales staff also has access to important information through the app such as inventory of various home automation systems models available in the warehouse.

Insights from Sales Staff Mobile App Data: However, Tom always felt that there was so much more scope for the mobile app to benefit his business.

Tom discussed more with his colleague and implemented a basic business intelligence on the substantial data collected by his sales staff mobile app. Apart from sales data from the mobile app, Tom was also able to merge some other data sources in his organization to get more all-round insights into his business.

Figure 2: Get Business Insights Benefits from Business Intelligence

Get Detailed Business Insights

Organizational Data Insights Through Visual Dashboards and Reports: With proper business intelligence applied on the data collected by the sales staff mobile app, Tom started getting visual representation of his own organization’s substantial data. He now has carefully designed dashboards and reports consisting of charts, graphs helping him make better business decisions Tom’s organizational data till now existed in cumbersome to visualize or interpret formats in database or spreadsheet tables or files.

Figure 3: An Overview of Business Intelligence Solution

Sample of Data Insights: Tom now gets many more insights into his business through easy to understand visual dashboards and reports such as

  1. Which region is buying the most number of company’s products?

  2. What product gets sold most in what region?

  3. What are the months / seasons when the products get sold more in what region?

  4. How much time on average it takes to close a sales lead?

Data Insights Lead to Better Decision Making: Detailed insights into his organizational data have helped Tom to

1. Plan company’s resources in a better manner. procurement of various parts from suppliers. Plans production schedules based on trends observed in sales dashboards and reports.

2. Ask sales staff to devote efforts in regions where dashboards/reports indicate scope for more increase in business. Factor in lead time it takes to close a sales lead in his supplier and production schedule planning.

Tom also has a range of selections (such as time period, regions) available on the visual dashboard that help him to concentrate on just the right business intelligence insights.

Next Steps- Data from Mobile Apps, Insights from Business Intelligence

More Apps, More Data, More Business Insights: Convinced of benefits of business intelligence insights into organizational data, Tom now plans to build more mobile apps for his company’s production and service departments.. Do you foresee any such benefit with the mobile app and other data sources that your organization has?

Practical Implementation: This blog gave an overview of data insights that an organization gets by implementing a suitable business intelligence solution.

Actual extent of business intelligence solution implementation efforts and associated benefits will vary based on several factors. The factors include amount and quality of data an organization has and gathers on a continuous basis.

Reach out to GKP Systems. We will work with you to implement the most suitable business intelligence solution for your organization.

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