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Should and Why Your Business Go Mobile?

Majority of businesses world over have embraced computer revolution at least in some degree. There is hardly any business that has no computers and some associated software in their office. Your business may have an accounting software, an HR software, an inventory management software, or at the least at least an office software suit.

A Sample of Real Life Needs of On-field Business

Significant number of businesses are seamlessly capturing the business information in their office environment. The challenges begin when a business performs its significant percentage of operations in the field.

Sales staff on the move, service technicians attending to service calls, civil engineering staff at the site location, logistics company's staff delivering merchandise to customers are just a few examples.

Even customers on the move make a lot of business decisions that impact your business.They may wish to avail of your services and wish to fill a form on the go.

It is impractical that all the stakeholders discussed in above three paragraphs will use a bulky laptop or even a tablet PC in most cases.

Benefits of Business Mobile Apps For Businesses on The move

The business mobile apps fill in this increasing need of continuously enabling your field staff, customers and even suppliers in capturing just the right business information.

Your benefits are: no loss of vital business information by using dated methods, such as paper based forms or filling in long weekly reports etc. A paper based forms will have varying degree of accuracy and data capture quality.

With paper based forms or even individually filled spread sheets, someone will need to collate these spreadsheets /forms you receive from each of your staff.

With mobile apps, the quality of information collected significantly enhances. Additionally, all your staff across the globe is accessible, even in the field. The entire field staff has instant access to single source of truth.


Empower your employees, suppliers and customers. Let them see just the information they need to see. Anywhere, everywhere with the power of a mobile device.

  • Enhance mobility of your business among your employees, suppliers and customers!

  • Enhance efficiency of your business! Seamlessly capture / give vital information from / to your team - service technicians, sales team on the move, shop floor team.

  • All such places where action happens but carrying and updating a bulky laptop is a challenge.

Should you have any query or an app idea of an app for your business, reach out to GKP Systems We will closely work with you to develop an app. that fulfill s your business needs.

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